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What have been the most exciting experiences, both as a model and as an actor? (Laughs). It’s the continuation of the story! Fifteen days later, I had my first casting for a movie directed by D. Odoul: La Peur. It was just for an extra, but eventually he cast me for a role. Two months later, I was in the middle of World War I: trenches, soldiers, horses, explosions, dogs, even rats! It was a time machine! I loved it and am still loving it. This feeling follows me on the shoots. The first time was great, but the best is yet to come.

As a model, it was with my Canadian girlfriend, Romane. She organized a photo shoot for us. We were in underwear. That was hot, and you can feel it by looking at the pictures.

As a model, you may have heard about the #MeToo movement – what do you think about it? Have you ever felt uncomfortable during a shoot?  No, because I feel good about my body and have self-confidence. Also, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist (laughs). A lot of photographers, film directors, producers use power and promises to manipulate naive people, especially the youngest: they are the easiest prey. It’s very good that women shed light on this aspect [of the industry]. I fully support them. It opened an important debate on women’s rights and their protections. But, it’s very important to work hand in hand. Men must evolve, change their habits, and women too – on an equal footing, not equal forces. Feminism does not mean misandry.

What brought you to MontrealA way out: a first step in the world. I moved alone at 18 years old. One of my best friends convinced me to join him and stay. When I arrived, he was being repatriated by his mother; he left me alone! And he’s still my pal.

What do you love the most about Montreal? A woman and a friend

I see on your Instagram that you have the chance to travel a lot; how has travelling made you grow as a person? When I travel, I take risks. It brings me adventure and human contact. I love to escape the group and go my own road. Sometimes, it’s the wrong one, so I come back and run to join the others. When I arrive in a country, a village, a city, I like to go in the dirtiest bar in town, where the true people are. I escape from the fancy world and go where the reality is. I don’t understand them, but I imitate them, and we laugh a lot – me in a suit, them with their alcohol.

Tell us: what are your artistic plans for the futureWork harder; it’s the only way: reading, watching, meeting, casting. I wrote my first short movie, and I will take the time to make it good. A few months ago, I signed at an Art Media agency with Christelle Graillot. She helps me to focus on my work and learn about the theatrical profession and perfect my skills. She’s a high-calibre individual in her field.

Where can we see more of your work? Social mediaSome projects are still secret or in post-production. But, as a preview, you can watch my demo on Art Media’s website.

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